Market Opportunities in E-Commerce, South Africa

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Market Research Report
Analysing Online Retail Possibilities
For South African Businesses

Prepared by
Asaad Manjoo

Chapter 1: Introduction 1.1 Aim of the research study 1.2 Problem Statement and Objectives 1.3 Literature study
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1.2 Problem Statement and Objectives
Analysing Online Shopping Possibilities for South African Businesses
The number of homes and businesses that have access to the Internet in South Africa is increasing, and because of these new users that are able to access the Internet, there is now a greater number of potential clientele for businesses that have online shopping facilities. Businesses objectives are to achieve a profit through the sale of their product or service, and with this online market growing daily, businesses have to identify whether it is profitable to serve this potential market, and in so doing, need to identify the advantages and disadvantages of serving a consumer online, the demographics of their clientele, and whether consumers will purchase a good online as opposed to going to a local shopping mall and purchasing a product. This research report aims to identify whether there is an online market for businesses in South Africa and this will be done through the analysis of global online shops, consumer trends within South Africa and the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a product or service online as versus purchasing one offline.


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