Principles of Management - Microsoft

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Background of Principle of Management
Management can be defined as all the activities and tasks undertaken by one or more persons for the purpose of planning and controlling the activities of others in order to achieve an objective or complete an activity that could not be achieved by the others acting independently. Managers in organization do this task. Management contains these few components which are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Planning involves defining goals, establishing strategies for achieving those goals, and developing plans to integrate and coordinate activities; Organizing involves arranging and structuring work to accomplish the organization’s goals; Leading involves working with and through
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Microsoft is still a giant, with $70 billion (£43 billion) in annual revenue and an amazing 11 products that earn at least $1 billion a year. First of all, the first challenge is in search engine. Bing loses money over the past 2 years. Microsoft cares about search because of advertising revenue, and also because Google has become synonymous with the Internet in almost the same way Microsoft became synonymous with personal computers. Moreover, Microsoft's Internet Explorer used to be a popular browser before Firefox and Chrome were launched to the market.

According to the journal above, the issue of Microsoft Corporation facing is some of their software is not competitive enough to confront their competitors. Microsoft might improve or upgrade their software such as Bing and Internet Explorer regularly, always give consumers a fresh or new interface. In addition, they might make their software more function than others so that they are strong enough to beat their competitors. So as to improve the software, Microsoft has to make sure their employees’ skills are up to date. Microsoft should create a spirituality and organizational culture. Workplace spirituality recognizes that people have an inner life that nourishes and is nourished by meaningful work that takes place in the context of community. Benefits of spirituality are to improved employee productivity, increased creativity, stronger organizational performance and increased team


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