Swot Analysis on Myanmar Economy

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Foreign Trade of Myanmar From 2009‐2010 to 2011‐2012
A/U ‐ US $ Million
Sr. S Fiscal Y Fi l Year No. 1. 2009-2010 2. 2010-2011 3. 2011-2012

Export E 7586.94 8861.01 9135.60

Import I 4181.40 6412.73 9035.06

Volume of V l f Trade 11768.34 15273.74 18170.66

Balance of B l f Trade (+) 3405.54 (+) 2448.27 (+) 100.54

Myanmar’s Foreign Trade by Commodity Myanmar’s Foreign Trade by Commodity From 2009‐2010 to 2011‐2012
A/U ‐ US $ Million
Sr. No. 1. 1 Export (a) Agricultural Products (b) Animal Products (c) Marine Products (d) Mineral Products (e) Forest Products (f) Manufacture Goods (inclusive of natural gas) (g) Others 2. Import (a)Capital Goods (b) Industrial Raw Materials ( ) (c) Consumer Goods 3.


FY 2009-2010 FY
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‐Implementing a managed floating exchange rate regime. ‐Reviews, amends and enacts on existing laws and new laws. Reviews, amends and enacts on existing laws and new laws. ‐Enacted the Special Economic Zone law. ‐Minimum wage law ‐ also enacted. ‐Investment law will ‐ amended amended. ‐To make more privatization tasks. ‐International relations of Myanmar has been better improved and promoted with other foreign nations, western countries and international ith th f i ti t t i d i t ti l organizations. ‐Welcome the businessmen from abroad to observe the opportunities of trade and investment in Myanmar. d

aids, grants, loans and technical assistance & capacity building activities more knowledge and advanced technology put efforts in the economic development activities i ii support both for the reform process and transparency process. more cooperation and coordination to do business b i

all round development of the country

Environmental friendly export oriented foreign direct investment

Employment p y opportunities



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