Ecommerce : Interflora

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Interflora's e - commerce


A. Presentation

I- Presentation of the Interflora company and its delivery organization through its network
a) Presentation of the Interflora company
b) How it works?

II- Presentation of the Problematic

B. Strategic Marketing Planning Process

I- External and Internal Analysis
a) External Analysis
b) Internal Analysis

II- SWOT Analysis
a) Opportunities
b) Threats
c) Strengths
d) Weaknesses

III- Future Objectives
a) Why is the E-commerce environment attractive for Interflora?
b) Future Objectives

IV- E-Marketing Strategy

V- E-Marketing Plan
a) Product
b) E-Pricing
c) E-Distribution
d) E-Promotion

C. Recommendations and Conclusions

I- Recommendations

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Moreover, you can order through your cellular phone (Orange or Bouygues with the "kiosques"): through the Bouygues service, you simply compose the 833; with Orange, it depends on your subscription.

Those ways of communication are really simple; you do not need to move to the flower shops anymore wasting your time, to know the opening hours…
But of course, you can still move to the shop which has the Interflora service and to order there.

Since St Valentine's Day 2000, there is a new service which is really nice and original for the customers "De vive voix": you can record an oral message in an answering machine and it will be transmitted to the person who will receive the flowers. This service is free of charge (communication costs excepted), and it allows to tell a message intimately. When the receiver gets the present, he/she also gets a secret code to access this oral message by phone (0.227 Euro per minute). Besides, one still has the possibility to attach a written message to the flowers.

Since 2001, Interflora has expanded its service to the enterprises which are new customers for them. Because firms need some presents for their communication, for their commercial operations and advertising, there is now a special branch called Interflora Enterprises. In 2001, its turnover was 2,166,753 Euro. They can deliver