Wine Consumption

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Southern Peninsula Wines


1. Organisation overview

a. The organisations mission or vision

b. Strategic goals of the organisation

c. Capabilities of the organisation

d. Product/s of the organisation under consideration for entry into an international market

2. Global Business Environment

a. A brief overview of the current global business environment.

a-1. Figure 1&2 wine consumption a-2. Top 10 wine consumers a-3. Changing in total wine consumption

b. Discuss any market trends or developments that are relevant or may impact on the organisation

1-a. The organisations mission or vision
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Despite the strong growth of these new-world consumers, only the UK has displayed a sharp lift in per capita wine consumption. UK per capita wine consumption rose 7.4L/person to 19.5L/person/year from 1995 to 2006, while US consumption rose 1.6L to 8.5L/person/year and Russian consumption grew to 7.6L/person/year. Meanwhile, per capita wine consumption in China grew 6.5% per annum over the period, but still remains at just 0.4L/person/year.
Further growth in new-world per capita wine consumption, particularly in countries such as China and the US, will be an important driver of future global wine consumption. But the extent to which declining old-world consumption offsets this new-world growth warrants continued monitoring.
Wine consumption in Australia grew by a solid 3.1% pa between 1995 and 2006, with per capita consumption lifting nearly 2% per annum to 22.4L/person/year. By 2006, Australians were the 16th most important consumers on a per capita basis and [3]the 13th largest consumer on total consumption basis. Australia was the 7th fastest global growth market from 1995 to 2006.

b. Discuss any market trends or developments

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