Managing the IT System in an Efficient Manner

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G64MIT Individual coursework

School of Computer Science G64 MIT Management of Information Technology Title: Invitation for tender By Vishnuvardhan Subbaiah Balasubramanian

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G64MIT Individual coursework

Introduction: Overview:
The Jubilee International University has recognised that there is a fundamental need to manage the IT systems in a structured and efficient manner. So, it has decided to upgrade the IT systems and wishes to invite appropriate software companies to tender for the design and implementation of the student management system. The system should track the details of the student from the time of application process, enrolment, examinations, and graduation and follow up when there are alumni. The new system should
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G64MIT Individual coursework of the bidder. General Conditions: 1. The Bidder shall furnish documentary evidence by way of copies of work order, completion Certificates and balance sheet or Audited Financial Statements including Profit & Loss Account, necessary undertakings etc. along with bid to establish his experience and track Record meeting qualification criteria. Jubilee University reserves right to complete the evaluation based on the details furnished without seeking additional information and hence it is bidder’s responsibility to furnish all data in the first instance. 2. Jubilee University reserves the right to assess Bidders capability and capacity to perform the contract by taking into account various aspects such as concurrent commitments, Performance, etc. of the Bidder.

Bid Security: The bid must be accompanied with the bid security for an amount of 40 Lakhs SriLankan Rupees. Bids not accompanied with the bid security will be rejected. The bids should be in favour of Jubilee University, payable at Colombo. The bid security bank guarantee should be valid for 6 months from the extended due date of bid submission. Bids with bank guarantee having shorter validity will be rejected.

Cost Penalty: Jubilee University reserves the right to penalise the bidding company in case the product is not delivered on time. 1. The bidders will be excused when the company


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