With Reference to a Service Organisation of Your Choice, Critically Evaluate How the Following Approaches to Service Marketing Management – Namely, Process Improvement, Human Aspects and Managing Resource Capacity Can

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With reference to a service organisation of your choice, critically evaluate how the following approaches to service marketing management – namely, process improvement, human aspects and managing resource capacity can potentially contribute to the success of a service organisation.

Your evaluation of processes, human aspects and resource capacity should be critiqued with specific reference to purpose, application and limitations AND with regard to how the effective management of these areas might contribute to the success of the selected service organisation.

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This paper aims to evaluate the marketing management theories of process, human aspects and resource capacity,
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EasyJet has focused on capacity management through the use of online services to substitute manual booking of flights. Capacity management is significant in reducing the cost of operation as well as ensuring that the latest form of technology is integrated in the business. EasyJet has been able to reduce the cost of operations, which eventually may lead to an increase in profits (Bessant et al. 2005).

Process improvement at EasyJet can be applied using the concept of volume, variety, variation, and visibility (Figure 1). The volume at EasyJet is large since the company aims at providing services to a large number of people as possible. Increasing the company’s capacity is effective in ensuring profits are increased also. The company also has a variety of destinations, which makes it a preferred transport provider in the area. One does not require traveling for long to their destinations after they have arrived at the airport. In terms of variation, EasyJet is doing well because it provides the customer with the opportunity to choose the various available services within the shortest time possible. The company also applies the visibility dimension in the sense that it provides the customers with the opportunity to view all services as well as book flights over the Internet (Frow & Payne, 2007).

Figure 1: The 4 V’s of Easyjet
Degree of Volume Available seat per mile ASM in millions: 74,223 (per Kilometer)
Degree of Variety Airport served: 48