Progressive Learning

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Progressive Learning Paper

Ivayla Stefanova IS 330 Information Systems
Maria Schenk
Research Paper
June 1, 2013
Progressive Learning - 1 - The reality in which people are living in the 21st century requires a lot more than they could have thought of 30 years ago. Whereas the life in the late 80’s from the 20th century are more or less concerned with political changes, the current life is tightly connected with technology. Technology and information systems are constantly participating in people’s everyday life and humans are highly dependant on the changes within these two fields. This is the reason why people have met the need to develop and improve their IT skills on a daily basis due to the unceasing
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This is the reason why there Progressive Learning - 3 - are many trainings programs and seminars, which could be extremely helpful for people, because they offer not only necessary information and training, but as well provides the participants with certificates. Having a certificate of such trainings is an enormous advantage, when applying for a job. The important thing, however, remains the knowledge and skills. Having or not a certificate is not as decisive as the skills themselves. Being important for the future career development IT skills should be updated monthly. This is an easy and quite pleasant pursuit of knowledge due to the large accessibility in the virtual world the humanity has nowadays. In Internet there are so many educational videos and presentations, which explain carefully and in details every step of the particular process and act on behalf of a trainer. This is the easiest tool for being updated and more importantly it is for free. The only needed thing is to have willingness to continue improving, because improvement is not only important for businesses, but as well for people. Keeping the activeness and desire for acquiring new skills and knowledge provides new perspectives and options for receiving better paid work and better alternatives for future career improvement. Moreover, when people are aware of the latest innovations and


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