Identify and Analyse the Main Hr Issues at the West Bank Call Centre and Provide Recommendations to Resolve Them.

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Identify and Analyse the main HR issues at the West Bank call centre and provide recommendations to resolve them.
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Contents Executive Summary 2 Key Problems 2 Role of HR 3 Employee Resourcing 3 Issues and Recommendations 3 Managerial 3 Operation of multi-skilling and phone time 6 Learning and Development 7 Reward Management 8 Employee Relations 8 Bibliography 11

Executive Summary
In terms of Human Resources, the call centre industry is one of the most difficult to manage, this was made more apparent when analysing the case study which describes call centres as “modern day versions of the 19th Century sweatshops”. In general turnover is one of the biggest problems call centres face and this
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These telephone interviews can be recorded and used at later dates when training managers. If the applicants relay a sense of confidence during the phone interview, they will be invited for a second interview. Managers should head these interviews due to their experience. A questionnaire and a scoring system should be devised by the HR team. The interviewer should also stray from the questionnaire to give the candidate “free expression on relevant topics” (Bratton and Gould p.203). The applicant should be hired on the basis they have good communication skills, a background of working in a team as well individually, a positive enthusiastic attitude and the ability to converse in a clear, concise and friendly phone manner.
In order for new employees to gain thorough understandings of company procedure the HR team will create a welcome booklet. This will briefly summarise the ins and outs of working at the West Bank Call Centre, whilst they learn through their own experiences.
West Bank utilises outside agencies to seek out temporary staff. On the surface this form of recruitment is fine, however the case study states these members of staff have been selected due to their “personality”, “but once employed and trained, they are re-programmed and instilled with a sense of conformity”, going onto say this frustrates them. In order to eradicate this feeling of frustration, West Bank should welcome temporary staff and put them through proper training programmes and