Disney Environmental Impacts (Hong Kong)

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This following report is based on the environmental impacts and issues Hong Kong Disneyland has on the hospitality and tourism industries.

Disneyland was first opened in Los Angeles in the year 1955 and is owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company. It was aimed for entertainment and family and is one of the most popular and well-known theme parks in the world. Later on, Disneyland opened in three more countries, which includes Florida, Japan and Europe. Visitors were offered exciting roller coaster rides, meeting their favorite Disney character, parades and shows.

The Hong Kong Disneyland is the fifth Disneyland styled theme park in the world that was opened in 2005 September and is one of the most popular attractions in Hong
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Environmentalists had put a stop to this cruel act as shark populations are crashing. In order to get these expensive fins, sharks are captured and the fins are sliced off and then they are tossed back into the ocean left to bleed to death. It has been dealt with and now wedding couples who decide to order sharks fin for their weddings will receive many pamphlets and information on how sharks are killed and the environmental impacts of their deaths. Shark fins will no longer be offered in Disneyland.

Even though Hong Kong Disneyland has caused a few environmental issues for Hong Kong, we cannot say everything is negative because Hong Kong Disneyland has been apart of a partnership program called Jiminy Crickets Environmental Challenges. It is an environmental pledge and a competition for schools where they are taught how to recycle, reuse, to protect the environment and to identify different environmental issues and problems. California and Florida Disneyland are also a partner of this program encouraging schools to take part to educate children on environment.

Adding to above, Hong Kong Disney following all the other World Disney’s, is taking part in operating practices such as recycling, energy conservation, waste and water management. They have joined the Hong Kong International Theme Parks Limited


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