Determining Databases and Data Communications

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Determining Databases and Data Communications
BIS 320
University of Phoenix
Instructor: Cornell Perry

In this paper the writer will seek to respond to the questions designated for both scenarios. This paper will list typical fields for each type of data. Provide an example of two relationships that you need to track. This paper will also answer the questions of: Do you need a database system? If not, can Excel® handle the data and the output? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Would you use a personal database or an enterprise database? Explain your answer. Would a decision support system (DSS) be helpful? Explain your answer. When directing companies who work diligently with computer technology, it
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In the second scenario, technology has to be used in order to manage a consulting team of seven, some of whom work in an office and others who work from home. In this case, ensuring that there is equal accessibility to each employee is paramount to maintaining the business. A wide area network, or WAN, would help to accommodate the needs of employees who are working in the office as well as those who work from home. The WAN would create several LAN connections that would allow workers to the same access to important information regardless of where they are (John, 2009). Also, for projects that more than likely will be time-sensitive, employees within the consulting team will have access to the printers and other equipment’s that is a part of the network, so that tasks are completed in a timely manner (John, 2009). While there are certain security risks with using WAN that includes the


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