Managing People

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Managing People and Organisations
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Process theory holds that if an outcome is to be duplicated, so too must the process which originally created it and that there are certain constant necessary conditions for the outcome to be reached. Some of the theories that fall in this category are expectancy theory, equity theory and goal setting in management research, process theory provides an explanation for “how” something happens and a variance theory explains “why”.
In the case study,
Joy of Chocolate Company was created by Suzy Campbell. Suzy’s motivation was to fulfill her ambition of having her own business and achieve her dream of creating gourmet chocolate company. After Suzy was skilled in forward planning and had sales expertise developed through the years working with suppliers. She used her knowledge and skills to win her aim. She cared about her employees, developed good relationships with other companies. She worked hard to win her aim and so she won it. 2. Explain methods used by managers to improve job performance within the workplace and justify their suitability.

These methods used by managers to improve job performance within the workplace.
Motivation – Every staff members is unique, therefore the motivation to perform better will be different for each person. Identify the motivator for each staff member and provide opportunities that encourage their interest and performance.
Setting goals – Make sure manager has a vision for how he want him practice to operate now and in the future.


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