Blue Van Case Study

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1. Introduction: 1 2. Managing People and Relationships 1
2.1 Evaluate the relationship between the customer and the organisation 1
2.2 Measures Supershuttle May Take 2
3. Managing Information for Decision Making 3
3.1 The Demands Refer to Data Collection Methods 3
3.2 The Data are Necessary to Get 3
4. Managing Operational Finance 4
4.1Choose a Effective and Profitable Policy 4
4.2Franchise or Independent Operator 5
5. Managing Operations 5
5.1 Difficulities for Supershuttle 5
5.2 Suggestions for suppershuttle to plan and manage resources 6
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1. Introduction:
In recent decades, the rapid development of tourism industry causes an increasing demand for transportation companies. As a
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Consequently, lateness can be avoided.
At the same time, Supershufffle should also gather the data concerning the traffic, which appears to support some periods of the day when there are traffic jams and rush hours. If the company masters the situation of every road well, then they can give some guidance to the driver in order to cut down times spent on the road. It is beneficial to both the customers and companies.
What is more, Supershuttle should also collect feedbacks from their customers regarding how they evaluate their customer service, which would provide a sample to be taken to increase the reliability of the managers’ decision. “Managers should try to obtain information about the options facing them to reduce the uncertainty” (Boddy, 2005, 202 ). According to this instance, it is said that the similar case like Sourthern happens quite often. If the company focuses on this, it may not take place.
Furthermore, a questionnaire could be offered to the old customers who had ever experienced their service in order to investigate whether the taxi drivers’ service is good or not. By analyzing the results, it will have a great influence on the managers’ decision which taxi company they would like to cooperate with. Since the taxi drivers’ behavior has a great effect on


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