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A report of an analysis of a management control problem due to the relocation of the main gymnasium and IT equipment to a new facility within ........

Author: PIB7968083

Addressee: P Mells

Date: 19.06.2014

Executive Summary

Due to the increase in numbers of new recruits joining the ....... and an increase in the numbers of the Ship’s Company, relocation to a new gymnasium and office is required, which I have been tasked to organise. This needs to be achieved and completed mainly over a weekend, Friday to Monday, to limit interruptions to Initial Naval Training.

The report analyses the problems and issues that may arise with the gymnasium being relocated to it’s new venue and will use the
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E = equipment All existing gym equipment, office furniture and old IT equipment is being re-used and all transport and lifting equipment has been sourced and booked.
M = materials All materials are in place
E = expertise MOD contractors, establishments subject matter experts and IT department experts will provide specialist advice.

A Gantt chart (BX628 Managing and Managing People, 2011, p. 106-107) is a good way to set out tasks and can be displayed and sequenced with a timeline set for these tasks to be completed. It can help out by identifying problems keeping to the time scale.

Figure 3. Gantt Chart Example

No Activities Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
1. Dismantle gym equipment
2. Load equipment on to transport
3. Transport gym equipment 4. Unload gym equipment
5. Erect gym equipment
6. Transport IT equipment to new office
7. Load & unload office IT equipment and install in new office
8. Staff relocate to the new office

2.3 Stage 3 – Monitor Progress

The Gantt Chart above enabled me to compare the actual progress of the task against the markers I’d placed. I experienced problems with the transportation and building of the gym equipment, this took more time than expected to dismantle, transport and erect. Other issues experienced involved a lack of computer


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