Antigone vs. Iliad

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Love is a very powerful emotion. In both Antigone and The Iliad there are many different types of love portrayed. The love one has for their child for example, or the love for a close family member or friend. There is also the love one experiences when they feel they have found their mate in life. In examining the excerpts from Antigone and The Iliad I was able to draw the conclusion that Antigone portrays the different types of love in a more realistic way.
When I read The Iliad for the first time the portrayal of love that stood out the most to me was the love Priam had for his son Hector. Priam being the king of Troy risked his life by walking onto the enemy's war camp in order to beg the man that killed his son for the
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Antigone was upset about not being able to give her brother proper burial rights and she by no means tried to hide what she was doing but she didn't have a fit. She had a moment of grief then went straight to work fixing what she felt was wrong. “And when, after a long while, the storm passed, we saw this girl, and she crying aloud with the sharp cry of a bird in it's grief; the way a bird will cry when it sees the nest bare and the nestlings gone, it was the way she lifted up her voice when she saw the corpse uncovered; and she called down dreadful curses on those that did it. Then straightaway she scooped up dust in her hands, and she had a shapely ewer of bronze, and she held that high while she honored the dead with three drink-offerings” (95).
In conclusion, both Antigone and The Iliad had many portrayals of love and many types of love in the excerpts I read but Antigone had more truth and realism in it than The Iliad. Antigone loved her brother, grieved and then did what she felt she must regardless of the consequences she knew were to come. Priam acted selfishly and out of character for a king in this time period and Achilles acted like a woman instead of a part god warrior. The story of Antigone in my opinion, is something that could have actually happened during the time period but I have a hard time believing the events in The Iliad took place at