Management and Personal Effectiveness

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Development Plan
1. Introduction As a MBA student I have entered a different kind of challenging phase of my academic life, it is not only the environment of the new class but also new way of life. A successful accomplishment of studying post-graduate depends on what kind of goal will I create and what kind of strategy will I execute. So I need to create a goal because with this goal, I will keep myself motivated to my own goal and I will try my best to attain it and not give up easily. Graduated from Malaspina University-College with wide vision, more knowledge, soft-skills, and hard-skills about business and how to communicate with others is my ultimate goal. And I hope after I get my degree from the university, I could get accepted
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Due to global competition, a future manager has to think critically in order to overcome a lot of problems in working environment. Therefore I need to develop my critical thinking from July until December the by be more active and involve in class and also looking for more topic if I got an assignment from my instructor. I will get not only one resources but I will get more resources for my paper, so I can make judgment based on my knowledge and my own idea. Beside that, I will try more involve in the class, with prepare the material before the class, so I can giving comment or adding some ideas based on knowledge.

3.2 Enhancing communication skill
Based on my organizational values survey (OVS) (Miskiman. 2004), my "person orientation" shows I am not good in communicating with other people. Sometimes I feel not confident to meet a new people, and it makes me afraid to start a conversation. But I have to change my habit, because a manager should have ability to express their word in a better way and capable to communicate with others. O`Hair et al.(2004, p.2) wrote that :
"The ability to speak confidently and convincingly in public is an asset to anyone who wants to take an active role in his or her classroom, workplace, or community."
For that reason, I will enhance my skill in communication in five month by making at least two new friends everyday and visiting my friend places twice every week. I think with making a new friend, I could start a conversation with


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