Tough Guy Case Study

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"Tough Guy" Case Study by Team #1

"Tough Guy" Case Study
In this case study Chip uses a leadership style of forcing and competing in order to meet his desired needs. This gives him the delusion of power and superiority both by using intimidation and condescending remarks coupled with situational abuse. These characteristics are the shark style of conflict and never questioning a leaders’ authority. If an opinion is desired it will be formulated and given to the other party. Chip manages his employees and associates with ridicule, put downs, and threats to obtain the desired objectives. An immediate reaction might be to fight fire with fire but there may be more to this case than the initial burn of a shark bite.
The problem is
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The lack of courage to break free of the bindings created by Chip’s behavior is preventing the team from taking action right when the abuse occurs. Once the most likely causes for the behavior are detailed, it is now time to test each situation against the listed solutions and look for a fit. The team should be ready for all the possible outcomes and move to a prepared action plan.
Identifying the possible solutions will require analysis of the collected data and then surmising all the possible action paths of action. Seek out as many ideas as possible for creating changes in Chips’ behavior. Using past experiences, logical analysis of the report, brainstorming, and published peer reviewed documents for guidance are ways expand the list of solutions. Second-guessing the whole process is actually healthy because it explores all possible negative and positive aspects of the actions which are about to begin. Select the right person for the job and then ask the team if this is an issue worth the emotional discomfort. In this case, action is in order. Chip cannot continue on this track for various reasons most of which are his health and well-being as well as other individuals in the company. The decision to confront has won the most merit in this case. This cannot end up as a lose-win scenario so a shark like conflict style similar to the style Chip uses is prudent in order to


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