Employee Training and Development

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Employee Training and Career Development The objective of organizational development is to increase the long-term health and performance of the company while inspiring the lives of its employees. The emphasis is on organizational culture that influences the way people work, by removing obstacles and increasing motivation, where there is culture of continual improvement and part of everyday life. Training and organizational development empowers individual employees and leaders, and aligns shared goals and objectives. Consequently, if employees are accountable and have control over how they do their jobs this will lead to giving leaders more control over the results.
Training and Organization Development – Methods and Benefits Training
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Human resource management (HRM) assists in determining how the company is going to accomplish their business strategy, which involves analyzing and forecasting talent part of strategic workforce planning. Taking a look at the best talent across an organization allows leaders to compare groups, identify trends, and customize management styles. Employees see a benefit when their responsibilities expand into different areas that include a career plan. Consequently, HRM and career development involves focusing on hiring and developing employees versatile to jump from one job to the next. Rather than evaluating a candidate based on the job description, organizations needs to evaluate what competencies the candidate demonstrates that will help organization remain competitive and create a flexible workforce ready for future staffing needs. Moreover, this saves the company from outside talent searches.
Reflection – Personal Career Development Personal career development has always played a large part of my life and I believe there is value in being proactive. Proactive requests an open attitude about new challenges that has helped me to grow and led me to opportunities like working in human resources that I


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