Reflective Diary

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I am writing this essay in-order to reflect upon the experiences, that I have experienced during the 7 months that I have been studying the Work based live case study module (2509) and how these experiences have impacted upon my approach towards my communication, team working, problem solving skills and other factors which were endemic within the module.
After completing the first year module New enterprise journey, which is the module prior to Work based live case study. I expected the work based live case study to be similar. However I found out this as correct in a sense, however the Work based live case study module took the theoretical aspects from the first year and focused upon their application. I felt this was very useful,
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This is supported by such theories as scientific management
At the beginning of the module my target was to become more assertive and be a team contributor to the coursework rather the sole contributor e.g. Team work. For our team we assigned a group leader this was useful as it ensured the cohesive completion of the assignment, i feel i have benefited from team working skills.
At the beginning of the course I expected that the module would be more organised, however it seemed to be unorganised which meant plans for other modules had to be inconvenienced, this meant that time which was originally planed for something else had to be changed. I found this most apparent in the presentation to Tricia Pedlar which was changed with only 2hrs notice and two of our group members could not make it. I felt this limited the potential of our communication of project as we were put on the spot not having done enough rehearsals which meant that things were left of our presentation. So from this experience I have learnt that to be prepared as early as possible as circumstances can change as in the real business world and it would also be useful to have a contingency just in case plans change.
I found Attendance was very low so it made it difficult for the tutorials to be


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