Higgins case

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Mgmt 3600- Theories of Management

Case Study: John Higgins

The Central Issue:
Why did Prescott think that his executive assistant, John Higgins, lost his effectiveness in representing the U.S parent company, while also having a strong identification with the Japanese culture? Why is Prescott having conflict dealing with Higgins about the issue?

Recommended Course of Action:
Prescott and Higgins should come to some kind of mutual understanding with each other as soon as possible

Basis of Recommendation:
Prescott and Higgins attitudes towards implementing the U.S personnel policies in the Japanese operation were both different. Prescott and Higgins should come to a mutual understanding, which would be important for the
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Business Goals: Adding on to the last topic of Leadership, Business Goals can fit right after that. After coming to a certain agreement, Prescott and Higgins should provide each other with certain business goals they have of their own, along with an appropriate model from their teams to follow as well. Having goals can be the motivation factor of Higgins and Prescott to achieve what they want in their employees and push each other to reach them. There is many examples that can be used here, but some minor ones are: show up on time every day, wear the right dress wear and also avoid as much personal talk and issues outside of work so that way the company can perform more. Having these goals for yourselves, yet alone your employees can surely reflect their work. The reasoning behind this is that Higgins is adapted to the Japanese culture so much, instead of finding personal issues with the culture, use it to engage with the Japanese population at the work place to get them to follow the right rules and ways to adapt what it is he is doing. If they see someone like Higgins who has a lot of Japanese culture in him, they will feel more comfortable to relate to him, rather than draw away.
Relationship in this situation is probably key. Relationship usually can mean any type of communication or activity to engage with one another. In this situation it’s about Prescott and Higgins. I feel that Prescott and Higgins


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