Management Communications with Technology Tools

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Calvin Craig Ogden BUS 600 Management Communications with Technology Tools
Identifying Key Metrics in Performance
Measurement of Organizational Change
Dr. Bob Miller
February 14, 2010

Managing organizational change and improvement is one of the most complex tasks of leadership. Leaders need to understand the change process in order to lead and manage change and improvement efforts effectively. Leaders must learn to overcome barriers and cope with the chaos that naturally exists during the complex process of change. Managers and other organizational leaders should assist workers and other stakeholders build effective teams by
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Developing and using a checklist to monitor and asses these key performance indicators will be done. The checklist will be a series of questions that properly answered will help determine whether or not the company is getting value from their business and will eliminate a problem identified by Roger Chevalier (2009) in his article about analyzing performance where part of the problem with the performance was that “expectations for performance are unclear”. Answering the questions yes or no for both now and in the future will help look at the factors that can improve or destroy the value of the business. Questions such as, “spreading your buying/selling contracts too widely over time, hostage to one or two buying/selling contracts or customers/suppliers, sure your purchase/sales order books are firm and go forward far enough, buying/selling on a growing/declining trend in real terms, buying/selling any products at a loss, using cross-selling and up-selling techniques to improve sales, monitoring whether your purchases arrive on time and are of the right quality to meet your manufacturing schedules, satisfied that your suppliers’ terms, and your own terms to customers, are competitive, aware of the financial implications of your pricing policy, loyal to good customers/suppliers, scheduling


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