Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan

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Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan
Grand Canyon University
EDU-225 Instructional Technology

Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan (Benchmark)


It is my mission to become an educator with the proficiency, knowledge and resources to encourage academic excellence and provide the opportunity for students to enhance their educational practice and to increase their intellectual productivity through technology. I will provide sufficient resources to encourage the use of technology across the curriculum. My mission as a teacher is to significantly improve and develop the lives of the students I teach. My classroom will be an example of high integrity and
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Improvements in teaching methods without the use of technology has led to improvements in student learning, however the integration of technology allows for a more practical, and possibly more involved students. The goal of integrating technology into the classroom is to use technology as a tool to facilitate learning new concepts and preparing students for the future (Lauer, Dean, Martin-Glenn & Asensio, 2005). Most American students use technology in their daily lives, therefore schools must incorporate technology in all facets of instruction to accommodate students’ knowledge. Technology is commonly thought of in terms of gadgets, instrument, machines, and devices….most (educators) will defer to technology as computers (McGraw-Hill, 2005) Introducing technology into the classroom will allow me to differentiate instruction allowing for lesson plans to appeal to students of many different learning styles. Having a classroom that offers differentiated instruction classroom gives students various ways to understand their core subject content. Administering Formative assessments with technologically advanced instruments such as Irespond will limit the use of outdated pencil and paper tests, allowing for immediate feedback while increasing student comfort.(McGraw-Hill, 2005) Students an also can use the Internet to develop knowledge of places, events and happenings around the world. They can also explore their imaginations using software and programs designed to enhance


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