1. Analysis of the Knowledge Management at Tcs Using the Knowledge Management Value Chain Model.

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1. Analysis of the knowledge management at TCS using the knowledge management value chain model. *Knowledge acquire
-TCS has created communities of practices (CoPs) with an animator expert in an area of knowledge to gather best practice on different area of expertise using business case documenting problem and solution.
-Then TCS tried to capture technology, processes and case studies called Process Asset Libraries. So their intent was more on capturing structure data in the first wave.
-In the implementation of Ultimatix, TCS tried to use captures of intelligent technics or knowledge work system meaning knowledge tools like wizard, templates for software productivity improvement, knowledge training modules and information on tools.
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The groupware was a body which automated various in house systems such as training and many other functions.
Community of practices was a forum of organizational memory where teams all over the organization at different times zones communicated and documented the best practices.
Process asset libraries was an information database related to technology, processes and case studies. These were made available to all development centers of TCS through the intranet.
Knowledge was made globally available. The PAL library, and Kbases hosted on the intranet were merged with Ultimatix. Sub-portals of quality management system, software productivity improvement, training materials and tools information were shared and easily accessed via EKM. COP members widely shared and exchanges industry and service practices.
The system was deployed globally across all offices to promote a culture of learning and growth in the organization. Employees could enhance their skills in many areas.
Developed using Microsoft sharepoint portal server. It supported more than 60 knowledge assets and was accessible via Ultimatix to all TCS associates. Any associate could contribute their knowledge and information for


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