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Innovation has become one of the most important issues in modern culture, these days not only in the context of business and technology but also in environmental and climate changes. The changes in the environment impacts economies, populations, governments and cultures at a local level (Woerd 2002). Woerd (2002) also mentions that changes at a local level contribute to changes at a national and global level. All organisations worldwide are suffering with the environmental impacts that are places on them, and need to implement changes that are going to be achievable. The success of a business depends on how well the process is managed (Linsu Kim & Richard R. Nelson 2000). In businesses today technology and innovation is one of the …show more content…

2002). The focus of any business should be the customer’s needs rather than just reacting to them. Employees need to be flexible and adaptable in order to respond with increasing speed, as technology is seen as the deliverer of this capability (Dunphy, Griffiths, Benn, 2003).

As increasing globalisation, technological innovation, and unstable demographic and social trends, not many would dispute that the major task for all management to focus on today is the leadership of organisational change (Rune Todnem 2005). The drivers for change are necessary if organisations are hoping to capture the complex set of corporate responses to the wide array of influences imposing on the marketplace. The internal and external domains of the firms interest is recognition by management (Dunphy, Griffiths, Benn, 2003). The external drivers contain the actions of internationally human rights and environmental protection (Dunphy, Griffiths, Benn, 2003). Internal drivers can include management push for business advantage and awareness which will help to drive and accumulate capital within the company (Dunphy, Griffiths, Benn, 2003). Approaches to organisational change are otherwise known as ‘soft’ strategies, in order to achieve organisational learning and change in a business, the employees need to perceive the environment as a technical issue without it being too difficult to comprehend capability, whereas attaining compliance with


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