Describe How Two Businesses Are Organised

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Describe how two businesses are organised (P3)

I am going to talk about two organisations and how they operate. The organisations I am going to talk about are McDonalds and Chester Zoo.

McDonalds is a fast food restaurant and its purpose is to provide the best and fastest customer service so in this way it will give the organisation a good reputation and help them to make more profit.

This shows how stuff work in McDonalds. If there would be a problem with customers for example, then the assistant manager would take care of this but if there would be something more serious then the business manager will have to take care of it because he is the top head of managing. This also shows how the organisation is organized and how
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The marketers will have an important say in deciding: • The products the company produces • The prices charged • Promotions designed to encourage the customers • Place where goods are sold For example at McDonalds the marketers would decide on what type of Mcflurrys they would sell to customers and at Chester Zoo the marketers will decide on what price they will sell their tickets for people to come and visit Chester Zoo Production - The production function organises who makes the goods and how and when they are made. The production manager of a company is responsible for making sure raw materials are processed into finished goods. At McDonalds the production function will have to make sure that the burgers and chips are made in good quality and at Chester Zoo the production team have to make sure that the food they feed to the animals are just right for them to eat. Customer service - Customer service is concerned with looking after customers at all stages of their relationship with a company. They have to provide customers with details about offers, make sure the customers are listened to and valued and attending to customer complaints, providing after sales service such as servicing of goods, spare parts or information about new products. At Chester Zoo the customer service people will have to deal with complaints and will have to tell people who visit about offers they may not


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