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“This is my story. This is the sacrifice my father made. This was his gift to me.” The prescribed text “Life Is Beautiful” by Roberto Benigni (1998) explores how obstacles and challenges are integral to aspects of inner journeys. Similar features are revealed in the two related texts. The news article “A Young Refugees Plea for a Better Future” Nooria Wazefadost (2004) SMH and the poem “The Road Not Taken”, by Robert Frost (1916). However, all texts highlight the central concept that though the people may embark on the same journey, they will endure different experiences and outcomes.
The prescribed text “life is beautiful” is a film that looks at the discrimination that the Jewish faced in the duration of the holocaust in Germany. The
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The prescribed text has differed in presenting inner journeys and their results through unique factors such as imagination, humour and optimism. The prescribed text “Life is Beautiful” and the related text the news article “A Young Refugees Plea for a Better Future”. These two texts are related through the traumas of persecution. This is when a particular race in this case the Jewish people were discriminated during the time of the holocaust, and the Muslims were distinguished during the genocide which is the murder of a whole ethnic group. These texts are also similar because both the persona/protagonist embarks on a journey for freedom and overcome many obstacles and sacrifice so much to offer their families a “better future”.
The related text “A Young Refugees Plea for a Better Future” is a news article about a young female her three siblings and her parents escaping from persecution, ethnic cleansing and Afghanistan. They were smuggled from Afghanistan to Pakistan, and smuggled again from Pakistan to Indonesia and travelled by boat to Australia hoping for a better future. This text reveals that even when you try to escape from persecution to live a better life you still experience discrimination in the new land. These aspects are shown through the love and importance of family, the role of imagination and the resilience of the human spirit.
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