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Name: Corey J. Robinson
College ID #: 0387581
Telephone: (201) 304-3812
College and semester: TESC, September 2014
Course code: ENC-101-GS001
Course name: English Composition I

Assignment – Final Project

My personal writing style is invention. When I generate information about a particular subject, I like to leave the reader wanting more. Most often, I write from the vantage point of expressive aim; indeed, I write about personal issues that affect all people on a daily basis. I usually map my rhetorical situation according to the subject matter; interestingly enough, from the perspectives of knowledge by observation and participation. My core audience ranges from high school and college
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At the end of my first paragraph, I needed to implement the proper usage of a comma, as well as, a transitional word that supported the subject matter. The second paragraph also needed some clarity to improve its flow. In discussing the overpass that leads to the park, it would be better suited if I separated that sentence into two. I wanted to stress the importance of the sights that can be as one crosses the overpass into the park. In the last sentence of the same paragraph I changed the word littered, when describing the fitness apparatus’s, into strategically place, to convey to the reader their significance in the park setting. I also noticed that I needed a stronger transitional word to enhance the flow. The third paragraph’s first sentence needed properly placed commas to enhance the flow, by separating the hotels from the choices one can use to reach them. The fourth paragraph’s first sentence needed properly placed commas, and I needed to take out the word “which”, and replace it with a stronger transitional word. I chose “believe it or not” because it seemed to give more validity to my suggestions. While reviewing written assignment 4, I needed to sharpen up on the final sentence in the opening to improve the flow. I did not want to double speak, as a result, I broke the sentence into two complete thoughts. In addition, I changed the entire essay from the past to the


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