Pablo Neruda’s “I’m Explaining a Few Things” in Connection with Isabel Allende’s House of Spirits

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Through their separate mediums of writing, poetry and literature, both Neruda and Allende both achieve a common goal of criticizing the actions of certain militant forces, past or present, within there country of living. In Neruda’s “I’m explaining a Few Things”, the Civil Spanish war, sparked by the forceful and bloody overtake of the current, fair republican government by the Faschist general Fransisco Franco, is the topic of Neruda’s disgust and criticism. The “burning” and “devouring” manner of Franco’s revolt changed his political opinion concerning his fondness for the communistic ideals and history tells he realigned with the Republican Party. This same general theme persists in Allende’s House of Spirits as she criticizes the …show more content…
Neruda begs for his readers to “come and see the blood in the streets” so that they can learn of the destruction and misfortune that has fallen upon Spain during it’s unjust Civil war led by the “bandit” Franco Fransisco. Allende also beckons her readers to reexamine the silenced military overtake in Chile of the fairly and democratically elected Communist regime through a powerful narrative highlighting the destruction of the peaceful communists and the death hungry nature of the military. Neruda insists that one “see my dead house, look at broken Spain”, both of which were previously prosperous and extremely well off. Allende’s House of Spirits and Neruda’s “I’m Explaining a Few Things” are both political criticisms of the unjust overthrow of currently working and positive governments by a combative and selfish force power hungry for control. Neruda comes to realize that his long aligned communist/ faschist party recognition cannot be continued because of the actions of Franco and his


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