Media and Feminine Beauty

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Mass Media such as films, advertisements and magazines are the huge influence on the definition of feminine beauty. From watching movie to passing through the subway station, it is quite often to see numerous images of female faces and bodies. Women are exposed in the world where most women display in films and on subway advertising boards are striking poses with little clothes on. Moreover, every image showed is airbrushed with Photoshop. Women are exposed with images produced by the media on what is considered to be the ideal face and body. The way media portray feminine beauty today changes the publics’ standard on feminine beauty and even how females view themselves. This essay will explain the impact of media in
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With the development of this powerful tool, much more details can be edited with the image-enhancer. Slimming centres admit they used Photoshop on their advertises like enhanced the skin tone (South China Morning Post, 2011). But there is more than changing the skin tone a bit, the situation is getting out of control. Magazine or company use Photoshop to make already slim women look even thinner, they make their eyes bigger and brush away every tiny little flaw.

It is claimed that the proliferation of new sophisticated media technologies make it difficult, if not impossible, to discern the difference between images and reality. Moreover, many media images are hyperreal, that is more real than real (Fenton, 2002). When women flip the pages of Vogue or looking at those billboards, they thought they are looking at some real women but instead they are just looking at some polished, unreachable illusion created by editors. As Poster (1990) explains, ‘ a communication is enacted…which is no found in the context of daily life. An unreal is made real… the end result is a sensational image that is more real than real and has no referent in reality.’ Those unreal images are real now as it is how media presents feminine beauty today. The truth of reality is blurred and ambiguous.

3.2 The attractive world on the screen
Nowadays, film and television are more likely to cast “attractive”


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