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States Edward: Said

“States,” by Edward Said is an essay written by a Palestinian man with first-hand accounts of daily life in that region of the Middle-East. Said was renowned in the literary community as one of the most “distinguished literary critics and scholars...” Born in Jerusalem in 1935, Said, at the age of twelve, fled with his family to Cairo during the establishment of Israel as a Jewish state. In his essay, Said begins to discuss the state of the Palestinian people. The content of his essay is an explanation and an informative look on the Palestinian people, as well their situation and their identity. In our English Composition class, we have been challenged to look past the aesthetics of “States” and look not at just
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The presence of relatability is also another rhetoric device that Said uses in “States”. For most, if not all, of the images Said uses in “States,” one can make a relation to their own life. On page 584 of “States,” there is an image of a scarecrow, something that is very common in the rural areas of the west, specifically in the United States. This scarecrow is made of cloth and what looks to be bundled twigs. What is meant to be the head of the makeshift scarecrow is a boot turned around with the tread facing out. You see this image of a scarecrow and compare it to what you know a scarecrow to be, and you begin to think that these people can not even make a structure that people on our side of the world piece together with extra clothes and other materials. This placement and writing style gives the reader the perspective of the Palestinians and makes the reader realize their standards of living. On page 590 you can find a similar image, a man holding a child, most likely his own son. This is a common image in America, especially the joy on the man's face. It also can make the reader think of a personal experience, a thought such as “This looks like a photo of my father and me from when I was younger.” This exact thought makes the image that much more powerful. One problem with writings such as essays is the impersonal feel to


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