Time and Distance Overcome

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Time and Distance Overcome
Eula Biss discusses in her essay "Time and Distance Overcome" how the invention of the telephone ultimately resulted in one of the many racist acts in history. Black men were hung every day without even being guilty of charge. She certainly puts a lot of emphasis on describing these hangings which sort of makes her essay quite monotone, but in the end definitely makes this essay a lot more personal. I think that the purpose of this essay is to bring back the racial question which is still very present in our society today.
The text in itself is quite symbolic. With the invention of the phone came the wire, and as she writes in the text "Even now it is an impossible idea that we are all connected, all of us". Back
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It certainly wasn't ethical to hang a wounded black man in front of the public, whether or not he or she was guilty. Hanging or lynching robs the person of their human rights, but at that time it wasn't commonly know which meant that people did it despite the constitution of the United States which stated that everyone should have the liberty and freedom of persecution.
Taken the composition in consideration, it isn't very straight forward. With this said, it sort of describes the history of the invention in general and also describes in detail how the hangings were performed, but ultimately brings it all together to question the ethical and racial question. Doing this she definitely raises a lot of other questions and discussions which could be debated till eternity, but I think that the reason for her to write this essay and to bring up the racial question about the equality of man, is because it will always be present in the society. I mean, even though we deny this imaginary gap between the black and the white and tell ourselves it does not exist, someone will always find a reason to hate and express their rash detestation towards the "different" or the minority. I think that this hate is and will always be present, and I even consider it inevitable because we will always be different in our own way, no one can change that; we just have to cope with


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