Nitration of Methyl Benzoate

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Bachelor of Science in Human Biology
College of Science, De La Salle University - DasmariƱas

Aromatic hydrocarbons are electron rich and are stable because it has a benzene ring. It undergoes Electrophilic aromatic substitution, and the nitration of methyl benzoate illustrates this type of reaction. The objective of this experiment is to synthesize methyl m-nitrobenzoate from methyl benzoate and will be purified by recrystallization with methanol. To make sure that the correct product is formed, the melting point and tlc profile are obtained. For the results, the mass of the conical flask was 89.222g, adding
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If attracted to stationary phase, it has slow migration, while if it is attracted to the mobile phase, it has faster migration. The principle is that polar substances are attracted to polar substances, while non polar substances are attracted to non polar subtacnes.

METHODOLOGY The conical flask was preweighed, and then added 10 drops of methyl benzoate to determine the weight of the methyl benzoate. Next, the conical flask was placed containing methyl benzoate in an ice bath. 2 ml of concentrated h2so4 was then added dropwise to the conical flask while swirling, and it was set aside. The nitrating agents (1ml conc HNO3 and 1 ml conc h2so4) was prepared in a clean test tube that has been chilled in an ice bath. Using the Pasteur pipet, the nitrating agent was slowly added to the methyl benzoate solution prepared in the first step. It is also made sure that the reaction vessel is chilled in an ice bath and the mixture is constantly stirred, and addition of the nitrating agent must not be less than 15 mins. If cloudiness occurs, a few drops of conc h2so4 was added until the mixture becomes clear. Having the reaction mixture stand for 15 mins in a water bath at room temp, 10g of crushed ice was added into the reaction mixture and then was stirred vigorously. After all the ice has melted, the solid product is separated by scraping it off the filter paper. The product is washed with cold distilled water, followed by 5% nahco3


  • Nitration of Methyl Benzoate
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