Counter-Strike Analysis

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Never before has a multiplayer game blended all elements of true competition and sweat-soaked shirt anxiety as well as Counter- Strike. Counter-Strike is a tactical first-person shooter video game which is based on a team of counter terrorists against a team of terrorists battling in series of rounds, with rounds lasting four or five minutes, won by either completing a mission objective or eliminating the opposite force. Counter-Strike grew from a fun diversion into a way of life, creating rhetorical communities that include gamers and people seeking non-stop action in street style combat. Counter-Strike reveals a fantasy theme that revolves around terrorism and
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An example would include the code message “clean up in the hole way” used by the group of gamers I play with and others around the world. An outsider would interpret this phrase at a surface level, not understanding the actions needed following this message. In the rhetorical community, Bitar network, this phrase would require a teammate to meet up in the hole way where a standoff is happening or going to happen. Simply, the “the Bitar Network” utilizes certain phrases and terms to further unify a language understood by all members of the group. In addition, more well-known terms used by the community of CS around the world are “cover me” and “fire in the hole” and many more; in addition, different strategies such as “Conga line”, a style of infiltration. All these terms fall or act as few of the many symbolic cues present and impart of the CS nation. Counter-Strike culture is easily spotted and their symbolic cues are easily understood by the Counter-Strike community. There is a ton of specialized lingo that goes on in the game. For example, you’ll see many variations of the word “newbie”, usually composed of letters and numbers. At times, the shortened “noob” might be “n00b, and sometimes you’ll get the occasional “newb” or “nub”. All those lingos refer to the level the player is, whether he is a first time player or just not good enough. On the other hand, if you’re a good player, you’re considered to be


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