Leading High-Performance Teams

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Leading high-performance teams
The team working is an important concept of the society wherein few people work together towards a common goal. In American culture, working in teams often considered contrary. Marvin Weisbord, author and organizational development expert, mentioned that, “Teamwork is the quintessential contradiction of a society grounded in individual achievement.” Still building, leading and organizing successful teams considered as a critical leadership task. It is always challenging to have people work together closely to achieve specific tasks in any team environment.
The team is “a group of individuals who work together to produce products or deliver services for which they are mutually accountable.”
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By now, there will emerge natural leaders and the team starts working in synergy; the members' shares advise from one another and seek help, and the member may even socialize together.
Responsibilities of a leader during the Norming stage: * Let the team members work more independently * Support the team for required resources, training for the necessary skill developments to perform and improve on their job activities. Schedule some team building events * Help the team to Remove roadblocks, which may trouble the team in accomplishing goals * Periodically provide feedback on the team’s progress
Performing: All the team members would work together and collaboratively put efforts to achieve the goals. By this time, the processes and structure for accomplishing the tasks are in place. There may be few destructive conflicts within the team.
Responsibilities of a leader during the Performing stage: * Delegate the tasks as much as possible and


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