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Lab 5.1 Connect the Internetwork Lab
Review Questions
1. For what purpose is a transceiver used? A transceiver can be used for converting one type of Ethernet connector to another or by converting one type of I/O port to an Ethernet port. 2. This lab connects routers directly to each other via serial cables. Is this a typical configuration? No, By default, Cisco routers are DTE (Data Terminal Equipment)/ DCE (Data Circuit-Terminating Equipment) If not, to what equipment does the DCE end of the serial cable usually connect? If Router A is connected to the DTE end of the cable, Router B must be connected to the DCE end 3. What does a rollover (console) cable look like? Rollover cable is often used to connect a computer terminal to a
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Secret Password 3. What does the current interface summary show you? The summary shows which interfaces are physically on the router. 4. How can you break out of setup if you make a mistake? ctrl-c 5. What do square brackets [ ] in a prompt for input indicate? Default settings are in square brackets 6. Under what condition are you automatically prompted to enter the initial configuration dialog? If the router has not been configured previously, or if the startup file has been erased, the Cisco IOS will prompt you to run the initial configuration dialog after the router boots 7. What command and prompt puts you into the initial configuration dialog? Setup command 8. Why is it important to configure an enable or enable secret password on a router? To restrict access


Lab 5.4 Configure Console and Aux Passwords
3. Type ena and press Enter to access privileged EXEC mode. Why didn’t you have to type the entire command? context-sensitive helps with the syntax of commands for the router that is based on the current router mode and prompt, as well as any part of a command that is typed. 5. Type configure terminal and press Enter to enter global configuration mode. What did the prompt change to? Lab-a(config)# 6. Type line console 0 and press Enter. This tells the router that you want to configure the console port. The prompt should change to indicate that you are in line configuration mode. What did the prompt change to?


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