Evaluate the importance of performance and engagement with followers in an organization

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1.1 – Evaluate the importance of performance and engagement with followers in an organization
To me “Leadership means leading people for positive outcomes”. An effective leader may have many aspects but the relationship that exists between a leader and their followers is one of the most important aspects of leadership which can determine the success quotient in any organization.
To evaluate the Performance in any organization would simply mean to understand the goals and objectives of the company and how the goals/ objectives are achieved are the means of measurement. Different organization will have different objectives. For some it would mean high revenue, managing resources, customer satisfaction, and strong governance, building
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He was relieved of his additional task and his role was redefined to do external inspections, finalize all pending invoices, refunds and only deal with customers and clients as an escalated measure if Senior Lease coordinator is unable to handle. As some financial approvals provided by Asst Manager could raise audit concerns, we had to deactivate his approval authority without breaking his confidence. We agreed, without the prior approval of his dept manager the approval document would be considered incomplete.

Manager – the team were informed of what I would contribute in my role as the unit head. Besides generating new business, ensuring compliance of operations and planning sustainable revenue for the unit I would stand by them, for them in any issues that arise with management, customers and clients so long as they have done their part to the best of their efforts. I would guide them to make them do their jobs better.
In their new job activities, though each staff was dependent on each other, their job activities were not overlapped which earlier made conflicts in completion of tasks & assignment of responsibilities. Each staff was also briefed in the significance of their duties and from the smallest task of photocopying to closure of new accounts, each staff was


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