Chevrolet Case Study

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Evaluate the diversity of vehicle types and sizes that are sold under the Chevrolet brand name. What strengths and weaknesses are evident in Chevy’s product mix?
The Chevrolet product mix offers the company numerous strengths. First, it offers cars of different sizes and price ranges that can cater to their customers’ needs. Cars such as the Sonic, Spark, and Cruze are smaller in size, but offer new styling and great gas mileage. The Malibu and Impala offer a roomier interior and an iconic style. The Corvette and Camaro are sports cars that have both speed and beauty. In the ever popular SUV market, Chevy offers the Equinox, Traverse, Tahoe, and Suburban. It also offers the electric car, the Volt, and a solid line of trucks and
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Attaining the goals set out by the laws will be a huge R&D for the company.
What specific marketing strategies would you recommend that might help Chevrolet last another 100 years? How important is Chevy’s legacy of innovation to the brand’s future?
Chevrolet needs to become autonomous with quality. It has improved its quality significantly over the last decade, however, it needs to continue to do so in order to survive. The company needs to use marketing strategies that will expand its exposure in foreign countries. Many countries feel like the car made in America are cheap and are not very high in quality. Chevrolet is going to need products that are of the same “global core architecture.” Making cars that appeal to multiple markets is something that Chevy needs to do. Customer awareness in other countries needs to increase dramatically.
Innovation is vital to the brands future. Research has shown that customers like that there are small changes to cars every model year, and that total refreshes are done every few years. Chevy needs to continue this trend, maybe with more frequency. It currently has models that have not been refreshed for many years, like the Impala. The company also needs to revolutionize the use of electric cars. It has made a huge investment in the Volt and unfortunately this car is not much more efficient than a Toyota Prius which is just a hybrid. Better technology needs to


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