Manchester United case

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Strategic Management: Case Study.
Team 5.

Manchester United: Looking Beyond 2011-12 Season.

By the year of 2011 Sir Alex Ferguson was working hard to keep succeeding as he has been doing it since his arrival with Manchester United. Key acquisitions, new line-ups and strategic decisions had been made. In the other side of the “enterprise”, let’s say the commercial and financial side, Mr. David Gill; current CEO of Manchester United was as well making strategic decisions within the club.

For instance the headquarters needed to me relocated due to the large amount of staff that was working within the club by those years. David Gill was also in charge of the main 3 sources of the club’s revenue:

-Match-day revenues.
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Being public requires the company to be more transparent for investors, makes the company more efficient, gives the company more assets to solve the financial crisis caused by the debt financing and also since there is a huge fan base in Asia we propose to go public in the Singapore Stock Exchange Market because it will increase even more the brand awareness of Manchester within Asia and if the company has normal shares then public, specially fans, can actually own part of their “dream club”. That will not only increase in the short term the efficiency of the company and will solve debt issues, but also in the long term Manchester will increase even more the attendance of Asian fans to soccer games and also could get more sponsors within the continent.

Broadcasting in Asia would also be easy since the initial offer for the IPO was made in Singapore’s market and a TV-oriented company was interested in acquiring part of Manchester. Also with normal shares and the partial IPO the head of the company, Mr. Glazer, will continue to have control over Manchester United. There are some disadvantages tough, for instance the company will need to have fast and consistent results in order to keep the company’s value on top, if there is a major change in the performance of the team or in the market shares can go down and decrease the value of the Club.


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