Domino's Sizzle with Pizza Tracker

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Domino’s Sizzles with Pizza Tracker
Management Information Systems 625
Jacob M. Shannon
Walsh University

Case Study #1 There has been a definite transition in the pizza delivery business, with massive pizza chains vying for the most innovate way to create and sell their product. Even though this case may be a few years dated, one can still observe these innovations occurring in the present. Through intricate and efficient information systems, these innovations can be a viable and a creative way to get the customers what they want; however, in a different more unique fashion that can appeal to a wide and young demographic. Where one business lacks in quality compared to the other chains, the business can make up for it with
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Also, like the Pizza Tracker, Amazon utilizes an intricate tracking system that tracks from order processing all the way to the actual product being delivered to the consumer’s doorstep. Ultimately, the system allows various business processes to become compressed into one, allowing efficiency for both the consumer and the business. In another perspective, online ordering gives the consumer control over the ordering process with convenience, knowing exactly what stage the product they ordered is in. In all reality, this gives the consumer buying comfort, allowing the process to become much more smooth and efficient. What’s the overall impact of Domino’s implementing these information systems? There are many benefits to be helmed, especially in buyer behavior when implementing online ordering through Domino’s website. According to Christopher McGlothlin, Chief Information Officer with Domino’s, “Online customers are more loyal, they order more and more often and they order more items when they do order” (Bomey, 2009). He continues by stating, “It’s a more profitable part of our business” (Bomey, 2009). In 2009, Domino’s did an entire restructuring of their information systems, in an attempt to gain a competitive edge on its competitors like Papa Johns and Pizza Hut. It is known presently that Domino’s is still struggling with quality against its competitors. The most feasible subsequent action is to gain the technology edge, innovating