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Ethics and Social Issues
Final Exam Essay Questions


1. Essay Question: Rule Vs. Act Utilitarianism (Utilitarianism) Suppose that you were wondering whether you, as a doctor, should hug a patient who is in tears. Give an ethical analysis of pros and cons from an act utilitarian point of view. Then give an analysis from a rule utilitarian point of view.

2. Essay Question: (Case Scenario -- Utilitarianism) Suppose that Rosa moves away her children out of town because, based on the information she has gathered, she believes the move will be the best for the children and larger family in the long run and she wants to do her duty by them. Imagine the two scenarios. Scenario 1: The results of the action are
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Would such a system prevent abortions? If not, why not? If so, how would this system be different from the current society, under which many women choose to get abortions (be specific).

12. Essay Question: Rights & responsibilities (Abortion) Should Kyle have to pay child support for a child whose birth he tried to prevent by trying to persuade Maria not to have the child? If Kyle does want to have the child and succeeds in persuading Maria to have the child, despite the fact that he does not want to remain in the marriage, what kind of support does he owe? What kind of support does Maria owe, if any? Does it matter why the marriage broke up?

13. Essay Question: Abortion and Feminism According to James Mackey, Susan B. Anthony, an ardent feminist, was against abortion (and even more against the man who enseminates a woman without then supporting her through pregnancy and childrearing). How can this kind of feminism be reconciled with the more traditional feminist stance for the legal permissibility of abortion. Would Susan B. Anthony’s position be suitable in today socio-economic system in which each person is left to fend for themselves and men feel little obligation, if any, to support children?

14. Essay Question: Rights & responsibilities (Abortion) What position do you take on whether abortion is morally permissible? If you think that it is ever morally


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