Guess Whose Coming to Dinner

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Movie Review and Analysis of Communication Styles of the Characters

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner is a 1967 Academy Award-winning comedy-drama film starring Spencer Tracy, Sidney Poitier, Katharine Hepburn, and Katharine Houghton.

The main characters: Sidney Poitier - Dr. John Wade Prentice
Katharine Houghton - Joanne ‘Joey’ Drayton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Drayton
Katharine Hepburn - Christina Drayton, wife of Matt Drayton
Spencer Tracy - Matt Drayton

Other Characters include Monsignor Mike Ryan, family friend of Mr. and Mrs. Drayton, their maid Tillie and Mr. and Mrs. Prentice, parents of Dr. John Wade Prentice.

Plot Summary and Overall Non-Verbal Indicators

The movie concerns Joanna Drayton, a
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At the end of this conversation one can see that Mrs. Drayton is impressed by Dr. Prentice and his maturity. That can be seen by her beaming face. Mr. Drayton is somehow still not convinced but he has a much softer expression than earlier. It’s as if he is thinking about it and clearly he cannot make his mind up. But after this conversation he gets much more comfortable with the doctor and they have a one to one conversation where Mr. Drayton is relaxed and talks at length with the doctor.

Non – Verbal Communications Analysed For Selected Scenes:

Scene Dr. Prentice and Joey at the airport just after they have retrieved their luggage and finally exit hand in hand
Kinesics The two characters have a relaxed uplifted expression, John leans forward - open and interested gesture
Oculesics Direct state - candour and openness: looking at each other
The two are totally engrossed in each other, oblivious to the outside world
Haptics Friendship and warmth , love and intimacy
Proxemics They are standing very close to each other – this is a highly personal, intimate distance.
Appearance Both are well dressed.
Paralinguistics / Vocalics Both of them talk in whispers and soft voice conveying love and intimacy.
Positive gestures The two characters are looking eye to eye – honest and direct gesture, smile at each other , acknowledge each other , open to each


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