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Eagle Tours Case
Case Description

Eagle Tours is a travel services marketing and development company. It organizes domestic and international trips and cruises for businesses and consumers. It competes by providing very knowledgeable and enthusiastic sales people, excellent tour guides and tour coordinators service at a competitive, but not the cheapest price.

The Mall Stores and Marketing
Eagle has 5 travel stores in large Malls in metro areas of the U.S. The mall stores are places where people can come to get brochures about vacation products and where they can buy vacation products. One of the challenges that Eagle had was that it was unable to attract young people to come in the mall stores and to buy products.
How can it
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Each store has three people and 1 supervisor, working in 3 shifts. The supervisor of each airhop store conducted a physical inventory count on the 27th of each month and sends the list of inventory levels, by product numbers to HQ. The supervisor of each airport store also has to estimate the inventory that she/he needs (inventory replenishment). The supervisor sent her/his inventory replenishment request at the beginning of each month to HQ (located 2- 3 hours away from most stores). Each store had a single-user Point-of-Sale (POS) system that was used to record sales. Each store received deliveries once a month. The sales and profit at each store was manually printed out from the POS software once a month by the supervisor. He/She held the physical copy of the report in the store for several days until the regional manager came to pick it up. After picking up all the physical reports from stores in his/her region,, the regional manager then travelled to the head office to enter all the sales data in a single user sales management system. The store supervisor also sent physical copies of the inventory counts to the senior managers of the warehouse and the senior manager of the accounting department. Each of these senior managers had access to single-user inventory management software and accounting software respectively. Sarah, a Regional VP for mall operations, is aware of some of the problems of the operations:

“Though we do our best to