Anthropological Challenges Raised by New Reproductive Technologies

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Discuss some of the anthropological challenges raised by the introduction of NRT’s (New Reproductive Technologies).

In the world we live today, technology plays a very important role in the construction of our society. By the means of new technologies, new theories, ideologies and perspectives are being applied to understand social phenomena. Society has gone, and is still going through a new revolution, because technology has changed the way we look at different sectors in our lives, such as in the way we communicate, social institutions, different jobs and so on. In this assignment, I am going to write about new reproductive technologies and the impacts these leave regarding the family unit, as such technologies can change the
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Although they would only allow this procedure to take place to a couple in a stable relationship who can’t have children due to infertility, and not to single women who want to become mothers without any sexual relation, as this denies the ideology of the nuclear family and also violates the biological fatherhood. They even recommended that the law should change in a way that the child born from this procedure should still be treated by law as the legitimate child of his/her mother and the mother’s husband. Then again, as some critiques argue about this, the child is said to be ‘treated’ as legitimate, but not to be in reality. This fact affects the traditional family unit and most of all, the child. (Cris Shore; 1992: 295-297) (Warnock report; 1984)
Some studies have shown that women undergoing the IVF procedure usually put a great emphasis on how they feel natural about their pregnancies and that it feels quite normal also during childbirth and parenthood. On the other hand, other studies on these new reproductive technologies show that women are usually stressful and exhausted, such that by these conditions the procedure would fail. Some anthropologists seek to know the difference between egg donation and sperm donation as these are accepted quite differently in various countries. In cultures where maternity is very


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