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The Controversies Surrounding Gay Marriages: How Much the Fabric of Society Can Withstand
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The issue of gay marriages has been discussed for quite a while from a number of perspectives; however, its economic aspects are rarely touched upon. In their article Firms balk at gay weddings, Nathan Koppel and Ashey Jones shed some light on the controversy surrounding the provision of services regarding the arrangement of same sex weddings from the perspective of the people who are against gay marriages. Among the key ethical dilemmas that are related to the issue in question, the conflict between religious beliefs and the necessity to provide the aforementioned services, the issue regarding the
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Hence the dilemma between treating all couples equally and being financially successful arises. The specified conflict doubtlessly belongs to the outcome-based ethical theory dilemmas.
From Economics Perspective: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Applied to Business Owners
A product of an outcome-based ethical theory, the economic dilemma raised by Koppel and Jones and related to the needs of employees of wedding related companies and marriage related establishments, as well as homosexual couples, the inconsistency concerning Maslow’s hierarchy should also be born in mind. On the one hand, with gay marriages allowed, the employees who are against such weddings have their basic needs (i.e., the need for money to buy food, clothes, etc.) satisfied; however, their higher needs (i.e., the need to live in a morally and ethically pleasing environment (Adiele & Abraham, 2013, p. 143)) are not met. On the other hand, prohibiting homosexual marriages means denying gay people their right to create families, which can be regarded as one of the higher needs according to Maslow’s hierarchy. Finally, the wedding company owners also suffer from major financial losses because of the issue in question, with the possibility of clients filing a “discrimination complaint” (Koppel & Jones, 2013, October 2, p. A3).
Conclusion: In Search for a Compromise between Acknowledging the Rights and Freedoms of Gays and Straight People