Wgu Ethical Leadership C206 Vot2 Task 1

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Ethical Lens and Dilemmas

Ethical Leadership C206

April 4th, 2015

Ethical Lens and Dilemmas

Ethics is the guiding force in any respectable organization. With a moral compass, especially in the leadership of organization, a company can become compromised and fall into a quagmire of legal issues, a tarnished reputation, and devaluation of company stock if it is a publically traded company. In pursuit of examine my own ethical lens I will analyze the ethical traits of an admired leader, my own traits as exhibited in the Ethical Lens Inventory, and how I make a decision concerning a particular ethical dilemma.
Ethical Traits of President Obama My chosen leader for this ethics review is President Barack Obama.
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To mitigate this risk I need to do these three things: • When making decisions concerning work that involves others I should ask their input on how things should be done • When planning for a change, rather than come up with a plan myself I should ask others to come up with plans and pick the best one • Seek a mentor that has a non-autocratic style of leadership to evolve my perspective, ethical lens, and actions My core value from the Ethical Lens Inventory is Autonomy and Rationality. This value mean that a prize logic and prudence over emotional responses. This value also means that I believe that the best results are achieved by through fair and common rules that everyone should follow. My classical value from the Ethical Lens Inventory is Temperance. This value adds patience and self-control to how I conduct myself. This value also means that I am very self-aware and ensure that my actions align with my own personal morality. From the Clarifying My Values exercise I picked the following values: equality, integrity, responsibility, innovation, and pragmatism. The core values go along somewhat with responsibility, equality, and pragmatism. It is the responsible thing to do to take responsibility and use logic over emotion in many cases. It is also pragmatic to believe in and foster an environment where everyone follows the same