Est1 Wgu - Ethics Program for Nonprofit Management Consulting Services

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Ethics Program for Nonprofit Management Consulting Services
Ethics Program for Nonprofit Management Consulting Services
Assessment: EST1 310.2.3-08

Ethics Program for Nonprofit Management Consulting Services

Code of Conduct
Our business relies on getting our customer to know and trust us during the initial stage of our relationship such that they will continue working with us for the long term. To accomplish this we must treat our clients with respect and provide a high level of service that is unattainable from another company. Our clients are placing a high level of trust in us and we must honor that commitment by ensuring no confidential information is disseminated outside our company or to those inside the company who may
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The Owners will work with you on the situation for the best outcome for the company. They are invested in the company and ensuring the company makes ethical decisions ensures long term growth and profitability. Alternatively we have contract with Ethics Point to provide a hotline for reporting or discussing ethical situations if you do not feel comfortable talking with the owners about the situation in question. Your call to Ethics Point ("Hotline Reporting -," 2012) will be confidential but information about the situation will be reported to the owners so they can work through the situation.
The company also leverages Microsoft Exchange for monitoring E-mails of all Employees to proactively deal with potential ethical issues that may arise while working with our clients. Due to this type of monitoring we highly recommend that personal issues are not dealt with using your business e-mail address.

Investigating Ethical Issues or Situations
The company has contracted with Ethics Point to handle the investigation of any serious Ethical situations. Due to the nature of Ethics Violations it can be a conflict of interest in our small company if the Employee's or Owners were tasked with these investigations. We also do not want to create a hostile atmosphere during or after the investigation.
During an investigation your cooperation with Ethics Point is required. Failure to cooperate with the