Internet Commons and Its Impact on Entertainment Industry in Us:

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Internet Commons and Its Impact on Entertainment Industry in US:
A study on impact of Music CD Sales to Warner Brothers

Assignment on Preparation of Research Proposal

Submitted by George Maliyeakal Antony


Introduction Rationale and Objective

In the era of modern technologies in the digital world with the internet access has created a huge amount of digital resources which can be accessed through the web. These resources are widely accessed by the people around the world and referred to have the nature of a common property. There is several studies on the common property has been under taken from the past five decades which can be stated as “everybody’s property is nobody’s property” Wantrup, C.
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Objectives of the study

• To assess the impact of internet piracy on the CD sales of Warner Brothers. • Analyze the common property nature of the internet resources using ‘Common Property’ concepts by Hardin (1968). • Describe the peer to peer file sharing system used by the internet piracy sites. • Analyze the people’s perception towards pirate file sharing from the internet. • Recommend an effective and feasible policy intervention to control the internet piracy of music CD’s in US.

Keeping in mind the research objectives the following research questions where drafted for the study.
Research questions • At what extend the music CD sales of Warner Brothers has been affected by Internet piracy? • How the ‘Common Property’ nature of internet resources can be described? • How the peer to peer file sharing system used for internet piracy? • What are the people’s perceptions towards the pirated file sharing from the internet? • Is it possible to have an effective intervention to control the internet sharing of pirated music files?

Hypothesis • Warner Brothers CD sales has bee severely affected by the Internet piracy. • There is no control over the internet resource use by the resident


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