Casino Industry Strategy Case Study

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Assignment 1 - the Casino Industry 1. Introduction - current situation overview

The three most common forms of casino gambling in the USA are the land-based, the river-boat and the Native American gambling.
During the year 2009, the commercial casino industry used to employ about 375000 people earning around $13 billion in wages, making it one of the biggest industries in the USA.
Commercial casinos are a major part of the actual entertainment landscape. For proof, ¼ of the U.S. adult population spends money at a casino at least once a year.
Casinos are one of the main contributors to the economy of the USA contributing to this with total revenue around $32.5 billion in 2009. They are very important to the states in which they
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The main technological point in the casino industry is the use of last generation slots and cash machine. Casinos use to buy new models to put it at the disposition of gamers who are usually fond of new stuff. The new clever machines use to take coins, cash and some other paiments systems, so that the players don’t have to go back to retire money. Once the gamer has used all his coins, he can directly take cash in his wallet to game again. This system has been tested and adopted thankful to its good results in casinos.
Another fidelity system has been adopted by Canadian casinos is the special card for cash machines, that the gamer can use in all the machines of the casino, avoiding waiting time and carrying coins and available for 90 days.
This game is the most asked by gamers so that new things have to be put on the market regularly, with new design, jackpots and games. The range of slots machines is very large, increasing in the same way that on the internet, where you can find mostly everything you want.
In France, 3 casinos have decided to put in common a progressive jackpot to compete with the Française des Jeux (the national and monopolistic gaming firm). This marketing effect seems quite interesting as the growth may be exponential,


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