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Writing Assignment 1
Family conflict affects everyone in the family however it’s more harmful to the children. Every family has a different approach in how they deal with the conflict. As a class we have read and discussed Caroline Hwang’s essay “The Good Daughter.” as well as Janna Malamud Smith’s essay “My Son, My Compass.” There is different approach illustrated by Hwang's and Smith's essay as they choose their own lifestyle and confront their parent’s arrogant behavior. Hwang essay explains how immigrant children are living a paradox, forcing her to keep her Korean culture and adapting to the American culture as well. Hwang also describes that her parents chooses her future lifestyle. Hwang decided that living up to her parents
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It’s extremely important for a parent to have little conversations or talks with their children to help them understand because that’s what parents are meant for. Sometimes parents may not always make the best move in terms of what’s best for their children. Sometimes aggressive family members may not be willing to understand like Smith family did. In the Smith essay the parents allowed their son to give them knowledge. In most cases parents will refuse to take direction from their children because they feel they should always be in charge. My mother wouldn’t be okay with taking direction from me she would mistake me for claiming to be “the head of the house.” In which that would start an argument between my mother and I.
Dealing with some conflicts in a family may never be solved. However some families use the healthy communication tactics such as family meetings where you can express yourself. In fact I think that family meetings are pretty brilliant when dealing with major conflicts. It helps you to understand one another. In today’s society I feel that: yelling, screaming, and violence is normal in a family dispute. I do believe not every family will be able to communicate with one another in a respectful


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