The Yahoo Case

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Yahoo Case

Executive Summary

Yahoo is a global internet services company with an established reputation and strong brand recognition, which operates the Yahoo interactive Internet portal. The company provides varied products/services and diversified content such as search engine, email service, media streaming, downloads and ecommerce.

Originally established as a simple student research support hobby which major services included a free search engine and a free internet email service, yahoo will soon evolve into a global brand and then got an exponential success worldwide. The demands and opportunities that arouse from this planetary success lead to a profound transformation of the yahoo economic model in the mid 1990s, and the
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* Content Media Programming: Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Music, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo News and Yahoo Games. * Marketing and Advertising: direct marketing, Yahoo ads, Yahoo banners, clicks, and conversions * Broadcast Services: Internet, audio/video streaming, live/on-demand, training & distance learning, * Small Business services: Yahoo Domains, Yahoo Website Services, Yahoo Servers & Yahoo Store. * Enterprise and Corporate Solutions

Although the majority of the services are offered for free, Yahoo charges a fee for its premium services and the revenues are mainly generated from advertising and marketing through the majority of Yahoo properties and affiliate sites.
Despite a relative success and profitability in the 1990s, Yahoo's strategy, execution and stock price have been stuck for many years now, due obviously to inappropriate decisions when facing the strong competition from Google and Amazon.

The company’s mandate

The company`s Mission
The first is the Mission is to “create deeply personal digital experiences” ( and be recognized as the “premier digital Media Company” ( within the web services community worldwide.

The company`s Vision:
During a speech in January 2008, Jerry Yang, then CEO of Yahoo Inc said “from the newest to the


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